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We proudly take the center stage in the concrete arena of Chicago, hitting a home run in both the delivery and crafting of top-tier ready mixed concrete. Just like a winning team on its home turf, we have solidified its position as the go-to player in the construction game. Our unwavering commitment to producing high-caliber ready mix is on full display through our cutting-edge facilities, utilizing top-notch technology to create a consistent and robust product that perfectly matches the demanding plays of modern construction projects. Be it for residential, commercial, or industrial needs, our ready mixed concrete stands as a shining example of our expertise and precision.


We do not just excel in manufacturing; they dominate in delivery, too. Our fleet of impeccably maintained concrete trucks takes the field, efficiently transporting the ready mixed concrete to construction sites throughout the heart of Chicago. With a focus on timing and precision akin to a sports team executing the perfect play, they ensure that projects stay on the winning track, both in terms of schedule and budget. This makes them an invaluable teammate for contractors and builders in the area, helping them clinch victory on our projects.


As a result, we’ve clinched a championship reputation, winning over the trust and loyalty of clients who appreciate our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled products and services in the realm of ready mixed concrete. Just like a team celebrating our home field advantage, A&L’s Construction and Redi-Mix proudly holds the title of the ultimate player in Chicago’s concrete game.

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