A&L's Construction and Redi-Mix

Crushing and Screening

Why recycle old concrete?

Recycling concrete can be challenging, but the resulting product of the process is what we call in the industry “CA6”. CA6 is an aggregate with a variety of applications, including gravel for driveways, a paver base, and as a base stone for patios, sidewalks, retaining walls, building pads, etc. So call us if you’re looking for a more economical sublayer for your next project.

Need to get rid of concrete from a demolition?
Our aggregate and ready-mix sites are the perfect place to dispose of your old concrete or demolition debris. Typically, we prefer the absence of wire mesh and rebar; however, we are more than capable of accepting any concrete mix variation you have. We recommend calling before arriving at any location to drop off materials, such as demolition debris and broken concrete.

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